Everyone knows heavy haulage: large parts are transported on big trucks with yellow warning lights on streets. However, all that is 'peanuts' compared to our 'mega transports': heavier, larger, more complicated and more unusual. These are transports that require pinpoint planning, which can only take place in certain time slots or with special safety precautions, and for which large teams plan months in advance before things are ready. Each episode accompanies an exceptional transport of how mega yachts of rich owners are carried across the world seas on even larger vessels or how 19,000 containers at a time stacked on the largest container ship in the world with the largest engine in the world makes its way through a needle's eye to the Port of Hamburg. Moreover each episode shows the detailed planning, the preparation of the cargo by disassembling, stabilizing, protecting - and then the special moment when the goods are loaded and taken to their destinations via complicated paths (bottlenecks on roads, overhead lines, icy roads, extreme cold, rough seas). The finale of each episode is when the cargo is unloaded and put to use at the new location.

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